The first edition of Lord Ifor Evans1 A Short History of English Literature was hailed by the Observer: 3Professor Evans writes to the classical model, brief and . Secretary, the British Institute of Adult Education. A SHORT HISTORY OF. ENGLISH LITERATURE. BY. B. IFOR EVANS i;z 72, PE FOACES. Leave this boolc. (Staples 7s. 6d.) IN this two-hundred-page view of the whole of English literature the bones are all there and in the right proportions-; but the modelling of the.

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A dog starv’d at his Master’s Gate Predicts the ruin of the State.

The legend that Milton was an unpopular poet has lived so long that probably it will never be destroyed. The Dunciad, in which he abused dullness in general, and the contemporary dunces in particular, is more ephemeral until one approaches the magnificent conclusion on Chaos, undoubtedly the most profound passage in Pope’s work: That the changes which they made in poetry were recognized by their contemporaries can be seen in Dryden’s praise of Waller, ‘he first made writing easily an art’.

He selected contemporary themes and fashioned them into poetry. He refused to accept life as it is lived, and tried to persuade others of the absence of any necessity for so doing. Of the second, Cynewulf, we know nothing of his life but through the runic ‘signature’ in several poems we can identify at least some of the poems he wrote, Caedmon was a shy and sensitive cowherd em- ployed by the monastery at Whitby.

Wliat though the field be lost? Of his life little is known. Usually delivered in days? When he died Charles Lamb wrote: Dramatist, critic, translator, Dryden was fore- most a poet, and, in poetry, he was primarily a craftsman. Women and non-English writers in the English language get either a bad press or they are overlooked altogether. He feels there was no other writer like Gissing who delved into the corruptions of society but refused his audience an ending of easy solutions.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. But now, become aggressors in their turn, Frenchmen had changed a war of self-defence For one of conquest, losing sight of ah Which they had struggled for.

A Short History of English Literature: Ifor Evans: : Books

All this the world well knows yet none knows well, To shun the heaven that leads men to this hell. So all their praises are but prophecies Of this our time, all you prefiguring, And for they look’d but with divining eyes, They had not skill enough your worth to sing: He was aware of the popular stories and myths, which had lin- gered on from the Middle Ages, the Arthurian tales, the allegories, the giants and enchanters.


They were suc- ceeded by Edmund Spenser c. I’ve no great cause to love that spot of earth Which holds what might have been the noblest nation; But though I owe it little but my birth, I feel a mk’d regret and veneration For its decaying fame and former worth.

The poet, more than any other writer, tries to look at words histlry. He felt, as Swift and Steme had done, the cruel disparity between what life was and what it might be. He relates the arts to society instead of penning them in the study. The Church was using the old pagan poetry in the new fight for Christianity. A poet cannot write the poetry he wants to write but only the poetry that is within him. To the tavern he was attracted for reasons which were obvious, and beyond that, they alone were equalitarian iflr in his age, more so than the Church, and certainly more so than any social institutions.

Religion blushing veils her sacred fires, And unawares Morality expires. In the century after his death much of the work he had begun was lost, but two writers, both of them monks of the strict order of St Benedict, wrote a religious prose which has been preserved. As the back cover claims Evans is “fair to all and sohrt over none”. Be the first to review this item Amazon Evan Sellers Rank: A gesture of the heroic marks his closing years, when blind, half-fugitive, old, hope- shattered, he turns to compose the great poetic works which from his youth had haunted his imagination.

A Short History of English Literature. By B. Ifor Evans.

It is to be hoped that the many readers who have expressed appreciation of the shorter volume will find additional pleasure in this volume, now that the writers can speak for themselves. Wordsworth had a profoundly moral nature, capable of deep feeling, but controlled by a stubborn Northern austerity.

Athar Ali Certified Buyer 5 Mar, Writing in prison Boethius had pi oved that the only genuine happiness comes from the spirit, irom an in- ward serenity, and Alfred found something in his own lite to answer this mood. Hiistory are written not with adora- tion but with an ah of disillusioned passion to a ‘dark lady’. Our favorite toys for everyone on your list Shop now.

Samuel Histor who created the dictionary!! Four often-quoted lines in that poem be- came the insignia of the new group: They were heathen, and the second great event at that time is the conversion of the English to Christianity. His superiors requested him to perform this task which he undertook somewhat unwillingly. Ifor Evans finds room occasionally to squeeze in such a remark as: One might, not too unrashly, suppose that there wasan early tradition of lyricai poetry, and yet no poems are extant before the egans century, and even then most of what survives is religious verse, for religious verse, kept in monasteries, had a better chance of preservation than secular lyrics with their wayward chance of survival; yet obviously they did exist.

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While Malcolm Lowry who was known more for his erratic private life and Angus Wilson are afforded pages and pages!! The author was probably a priest of one of the lowest orders, and his poem may have circulated among clerical or semi -clerical audiences.

Page 1 1 Start over Page 1 1. In a poem he so arranges words that they give pleasure such as we may have from music or from pictures. At his best, he was histkry realist in verse, and that is not a mean achievement, and his poem on Peter Grimes inspired Benjamin Britten in the libretto of the most distinguished English opera of our century. This work has often been abused, but, from its own day to this, it has been one of the most widely-read volumes of verse in the language.

Does it, we wonder, convey anything of Marvell to the ignorant, for whom this book is presumably written, to say that in his early verses ” nature and contemplation and retirement unite in a lyrical poetry which is at once gentle and strong”? He was not only the military saviour of his people. In the Englissh to this poem Chaucer returned to allegory, to the medieval Garden of the Rose, and embedded in this part of the poem is the most beauti- ful of all his lyrics: He succeeded, but the marks of his painful labour are upon his verses.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. In satire he is pungent, foul-mouthed, but he employed his irregular verse in another way in Hisstory Boke of Phyllyp Sparowe, a lament on a pet sparrow killed by a cat.

But his sincerity in recording life as it was, and his eye for detail, have given The VillageThe Parish Register ifot, and Tales in Verse an attraction for any- one who may submit himself to it.