6/7Moses: Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses () Ab: Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage J: Liber Juratus (Sworn Book of Honorius). The Greater Key of Solomon Book Two Page 81 The Key of Solomon and the other Names of Angels which are written in the Book ASSAMAIAN, I conjure. “Camiach, Eomiahe, Emial, Macbal, Emoii, Zazean by the most holy names of the angels in the Book of Assamaian, I conjure thee that thou assist me in this.

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They correspond to the judgment. Be ye assamwian to aid me, and may my operation be accomplished through you: I believe Aub24 represents the original text most accurately, and I have based my translation on it: First perfume the room by burning Incense therein, and sprinkle the viands with exorcised Water; then commence to conjure the Spirits until they shall come. The which being done, thou shalt go unto the ordained place with thy Compan- ions, and all things being prepared, bpok shalt make the Circle, as hath been already said, with all other necessary ceremonies; then shalt thou commence to invoke the Spirits by the Exorcisms; thou shalt also repeat anew the foregoing Confession as hath been already said in the First Book.

With this Knife thou mayest perform all the necessary Operations of the Art, except the Circles. The Third; the Knife, and the Sickle. The sixth Number is six. Take a living Bat and exorcise it thus: Their empire is that of progress and of life; they correspond to the Sensorium or to sensibility.


secretcircles – The Greater Key of Solomon Vol. 2

After this repeat Psalms cxxxi. Sl, K, and L With this same water thou shalt make all the preparations of the art.

It was not until that the FBI gained its present-day name. His entire destiny had materialized. Sacrifice was the original ritual by which humans drew favor from the gods and made themselves holy.


De Praestgiis Daemonum is today recognized as one of the first works to question witch hunts and persecutions. The second sword, from Sl. Then perfume and sprinkle it according to the rules of Art.

Their empire is that of the Universal Harmony. Figures 82 and 83, from Aub24, fol.

Extrahatur sanguis vel per amputationem capitis, vel per punctionem venae sub Ala dextra quod melius est. His Name is composed of the letters of the Divine Tetragram changed into the Pentagram by the addition of the Letter Schin see Figure Then shall the emperor of the spirits say unto you: L is assamxian further removed from the original sense: His once-perfect skin was a patchwork of scars, and this only depressed him further.

Keep and preserve those who have not understanding in the Fear of Adonai, which will give and will preserve unto thee my crown. The drawing of the instruments in Aub24 assamaiaan “Gladius albus, Gladius niger, Stylus, Lanceola, Artauus, ensis, Baculus assamaixn, virga Avellance, scalpellum” white knife, black knife, pen, short lance, quill knife, sword, cane staff, hazel wand, scalpel. Aub24 omits this paragraph.


This being done let the master complete his work, renew the circle, and make the incensements and fumigations. Perfume it and keep it for use. Accredited idolatries are religions in their time. He should then thoroughly examine the art or operation which he should undertake, and write it regularly out on paper, particularly set aside for that purpose, with the appropriate conjurations and exorcisms.

It should be spacious, clear, and bounded on all sides by hedges, shrubs, trees, or walls. Draw into yourself all sensations of everything created, fire and water, dry and moist, imagining that you are everywhere, on the earth, in the sea, in the sky, that you are not yet born, in the maternal womb, adolescent, old, dead, beyond death.

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and the others, are not Names but Titles. When the spirits which are created of clouds are invoked, they come with great deformity, in a horrible form, to strike fear into the invocator, and with an exceeding great noise.

Keep and preserve those who have not Understanding in the Fear of Adonai, which will give and will preserve unto thee my crown. They have for adversaries the Samael or jugglers, whose Chief is Adramelech. The ninth Sephira is Yesod, or the fundamental principle. My body is but a vessel for my most potent treasure.