Meskot salutes the Ethiopian poet Debebe Seifu. This poem was contributed by Tariku to Meskot_forum and typed in the Ethiopic script by Kebebush Tesfaye. Yebirhan fikire(Debebe Seifu poem). 67 likes. Book. Debebe Seifu “YeBirhan Fikir”E.C. Fan Recommended Poem.

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Though I were forbidden to suck your breast Black 5 Mother Though the wings of my sweet bird of youth are crippled I need to draw courage from your stretched arms To draw life, to draw strength To draw hope form what flows in dbebe veins of your 10 Stretched arms. Hold my hand black mother hold I need to rise, I need to stand on my feet To rise, to stand, and to accuse.

E Gorfu, Wildoats E. Kennedy was a man of many activities. The following lines from the poem indicate this idea. The poem reads like this: Can such be relished by a boy?

And the other idea is it is not poesm sleep, which we wake, rather it is eternal. Addis Ababa University, He was a great leader, a man of good nature, peacemaker and negotiator.

The poem reads like this. But once I had a true name Black Mother A name like the mighty spirit of Chaka A name like the spirit of Herereo, of Namaqua Of Zululand, of Matabeleeā€¦ 20 I was not the abortive fetus of your rapid womb then I was one of the strongest sons of your tribes, then I was the home of the glory of your age-old rituals The home of the glory of your tribal dances, of your Wars 25 Of the mystery of your witchcraft The home of the glory sekfu your free laughter that you are proud of.

The issues that the poems concentrate on gave an impetus to study the themes of these poems.

As Greenfield mentions, beginning from there was a poetry contest among the students of the university. This on the other hand has an unimaginative feeling. They cry for their friend because he was beloved and humble.

First of all, different poems written during this period were collected, read and classified according to their recurrence of themes. These flowers are represented with the flower lily line As we have seen from the previous stanzas of this poem, the hills are honoured and have never stood in shame. These factors can be put into three categories.


First, poems were collected. The lovers who fall in love are without any hindrance running for their devotion of love. This section will study both aspects. It is also stated that the country has never experienced colonial power like the other countries. At the end the poet too states this condition with the following lines.

Major Themes In Ethiopian Poetry In English From | D Seifu –

In general this poem shows the intensity of love to control every faculty of human feeling. I need to give my fellow elders my true name. And the idea that makes him to forget his own values is without full understanding line 4. The overall sense of these lines have some form of introducing his own culture which he denied.

Especially, the researcher gave more attention to the poet’s emphasis on the black educated African loss of sense for his land. And in the other section of major theme there are two recurrent issues that are poems that criticized the educated African and Pan- Africanism. Under the issue of praise there are poems, which praise Ethiopia as a whole and poems which praise unique features of Ethiopia.

Even he states that he no more thinks of the past happy moments. Concerning the themes of Tsegaye’s poems Debebe points out that the poet reveals African oppression which results in the loss so many values. And especially the recurrent subject matters that have been depicted through the poems invite one to focus on the major themes of the poems of this period. The general comment he gave about Tsegaye’s poems deals with their theme. We who declare that in the past Whatever was of sacred was of taboo 50 Whatever was of Truth was of tin-gods: Feature of volcanoes Of erosions, valleys Greens, deserts.

Mostly the poems show that the western value is impeding the African to isolate himself from the concerns of his country. Among these publications, News and Views and Something have published a number of poems which can be considered as pioneers of Ethiopian poetry in English. The following stanza is about the great and good side of Kennedy, Americans lost a great leader The world lost a good brother World-peace lost its partner East and West lost their negotiator Ibid According to these lines John F.


The last line says that nothing has happened to shame the country. During this period, Ethiopian poetry in English appeared in different publications. Tsegaye develops the previous theme by adding more ideas in other lines of his poem.

Moreover, this was the period when the pioneer Ethiopian poems in English emerged and this period is the time when established poets of later time appeared.

Remembering Assistant Professor Poet Debebe Seifu

The poet, also criticizes the African intelligentsia, through the representation of the Ethiopian, for denying his historical roots. You ignored me man of benevolence, Refused to poes oh once active creature; May be, you are in complete silence, Lullaby, lie in peace till we meet in unknown further Amdetsion Kidane Appendix 5 Rest You, Man And Forever Rest.

Their ‘ touch’ seems a sign of unison of the lovers.

Preminger and Broganp, say the following about the concept of theme, ” In common usage theme refers simply to the subject poema topic treated in a discourse or a part of it. Based on the focus of the poems, the chapter is divided into two major parts; a theme of praise and criticism.

Under this major point there are two aspects of poems, which develop the theme. The first one is Debebe Seifu’s MA. Rather he says that his dream is empty.

It was a long night So were all nights The cold surface shrunk his skin; His stomach empty, itching, aching, Emptiness.