Meskot salutes the Ethiopian poet Debebe Seifu. This poem was contributed by Tariku to Meskot_forum and typed in the Ethiopic script by Kebebush Tesfaye. Yebirhan fikire(Debebe Seifu poem). 67 likes. Book. Debebe Seifu “YeBirhan Fikir”E.C. Fan Recommended Poem.

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As we can see, the new season comes with the appearance of a flowering plant which appears when the rain ceases. There are various factors that contributed to the beginning of Ethiopian literature in English.

Comments 2 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. While some of the Ethiopian poems seeifu English discuss about the educated African, the other poems have a major point that deals with the recent situation of Africa. He is not a bad man.

Promising a bumper harvest Farmer’s plots have Fortunately continued To resuscitate! It also affirms serious appearance of the African poemss for his right since the time for Africa to be free is coming.

His wracking pain All kept open his eyes glistening Ibid This stanza shows the man is in a difficult condition. When I reflect, all my struggle were naught.

These are poems that depict death, poems that lament the dead, love, hope and hopelessness. Literary Anthologies 12 2. Appendix 4 The term hidden line 2 refers to his disappearance.

According to the poem the land looks attractive with flowers, insects and the sun. Solomon Deressa, on the other hand, wrote in two widely known languages, English and French. Out of these poems two are translations from Amharic while the other are original works in English.


And to act for the better future. The Concept of theme in Poetry 9 2. He also remarks that the note of triumph is sounded in this poem. Using the following lines the poet figuratively exclaims the subject matter that death makes all the beauty, cast away and cold.

Remembering Assistant Professor Poet Debebe Seifu

These are the rocks by the side poes the water and the shore. Realizing the fact that we are backward, Individual Africans must work hard. The speaker seems with out any power to depend on him-self.

Theses There are two research papers on Ethiopian poetry in English. This seems to be the first poem in English by an Ethiopian poet. Log In Sign Up. In the previous poem by Tsegay we find the speaker had a good life before arriving at a depressed condition.

Historically the country’s earlier relationship with foreign countries contributed to the development of literature in foreign languages. I have therefore to write a poem on this. This poem like the previous two poems does not praise the one who died; rather, it says that the world where the dead friend has gone is a peaceful one.

Remembering Assistant professor poet Debebe Seifu

The fire blazing Its tongue flowering Called on us To wrap ourselves With its flaming scarves But you and me Warmth-proof that we were Began to write dirges With left-over cinders On a tablet Of debee ashes. In the following lines of the same poem also the poet expresses sleep by death.

On the contrary, in creative writing theme is the abstract idea that is made concrete through representation. IV, No 44, p. The study focuses, as stated earlier, on poems written during the period — E. The comments forwarded about Ethiopia are interwoven with the praise lines.


The study has revealed that Ethiopian poems in English during the period in focus deal with two major themes. The problem of publicity was felt on some Ethiopian writers.

But whatever problem is there, in the next lines we see that they still love one another. Ibid These lines question that the hills are places of honour. One of the major issues that have been recurrently dealt with is death.

#erosion poems – Hello Poetry

This seifh was specially intensified in the twentieth century during the reign of Emperor Haileselassie E. The poem considers sleep as a way of death where we can wake up, 5.

Only hatred is victories The sprits welcome 30 Their lost-son-returned. Literary Anthologies There are some literary anthologies of Ethiopian poetry in English. The beginning of the printing press in E. To study the major themes of pomes written from to E. This paper focuses only on some of the recurrent issues reflected in the poems. One of the known Ethiopian novelist in English, Sahlesellassie B.