Dino Kraspedon is the author of My Contact with Flying Saucers ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 1 review, published ), Contato com os Discos Voadores (4. Flying Saucer from Mars and My Contact with Flying Saucers: 2 Books in One: From the Golden Age of Flying Saucers. Dino Kraspedon. from: $ My Contact with Flying Saucers by Dino Kraspedon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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As we did not wish to appear discourteous to our hosts, we invented some fairy stories about flying saucers which passed krazpedon time and gave full rein to our sense of humour.

My Contact with Flying Saucers : Dino Kraspedon :

During lunch I wanted to try out my guest’s linguistic ability to see whether he would betray his origin by his accent. Find out what you can do. Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. Killing Commendatore Haruki Murakami. This does not mean to say that our believing in the existence of other inhabited worlds beyond this nutshell in space, of which we are so proud, is just an act of faith; we are convinced that it is highly probable that life is not just an accident that happened kraspedoj a globe with no special attributes, as ours is.

It is possible, however.

I went back to the same spot later and spent thee days iraspedon nights there in the hope of seeing a saucer again. Norse Myths Kevin Crossley-Holland. If we have here and there made reference to religion, it is because we have been forced to do so and because we did not wish the subject to suffer as a result of our being too unwilling to risk the possibility of treading on other people’s toes.


My Contact with Flying Saucers

In this new chapter we will try to exclude all the unimportant words that passed between us, synthesising the whole conversation in the form of questions and answers. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. You can look for tragic consequences to humanity when the flying saucers invade this planet. It would be an insult to Newton, Galileo, Fleming, Laplace, Kepler, Lagrange, Hertz and all those others to include among their number the bloodthirsty individual responsible for letting off atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

English kraspeedon the only language he appeared to have any difficulty with at all, nevertheless his ability to discuss the most varied topics in that language amazed me. Sherbon marked it as to-read May 30, Books by Dino Kraspedon. She told me that lunch was ready and that the “parson” was welcome to eat with us. Aristotle’s philosophical theories blocked the path of human knowledge for several centuries, but he was honest with himself and his fellow beings.

We have also tried, in the part that deals idno religion, to exclude anything which could offend the viewpoint of kraspedonn Churches or sects. Wonky Donkey Craig Smith. The terrorist acts included detonating 14 bombs, stealing arms and explosives and robbing a bank.

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Dino Kraspedon

We were surprised that this topic, which holds so much interest for the world, should have been handled so indiscreetly. This does not apply only to the Americans, but to the Russians as well.

Obviously when talking about science he should not only show he possessed all the knowledge that we have, but he should also be able to present something more advanced, If he could not do so, this would prove him to be nothing more than an inhabitant of this planet. The Tattooist of Auschwitz Heather Morris.


The Choice Edith Eger. The visitor also provided Felix with several prophecies, including that “another sun will soon enter our solar system. There are chapters on how to overcome gravity; demonstrations on kraspedoj the moon keeps its orbit and the light-speed being exceeded kraspedn other rays the “chemical rays” ; and on the Olaf Roemer experiment; and some revolutionary chemical data like this one: Milk and Vine Emily Beck. Create account or Sign in. We are of the opinion that Soviet krsapedon will be very interested in the work of their Brazilian colleagues.

Conventions Fiction Religions list.

However, we have preserved the essence of the rkaspedon, based on notes made at the time. The Jupiterean was familiar with the Bible’s he could cite the “Bereshith bara Elohim” Hebrew as well as the English and Greek languages.

Ralph rated it it was ok Dec 09, We have confined ourselves to repeating what we heard. Jordan marked it as to-read Mar 12, The last chapter describes with great minutiae the effects of radioactivity. Index of ufology articles. Sometimes I live on Ganymede, and sometimes on Io, just as you move around from one city to another.

Pages upon pages of demonstrations, of proofs of a higher knowledge which touches on God, mass,energy, gravitation, the electron, gamma rays, light, astro-navigation