El arte de volar és una novel·la gràfica del guionista Antonio Altarriba i del dibuixant Kim editada per Edicions de Ponent que es va publicar per primera vegada. from “The Art of Flying”. by Antonio Altarriba Translated by Adrian West. Click image below to enlarge. From El arte de volar. Published by Ediciones de Ponent . El arte de volar by Antonio Altarriba, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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El arte de volar by Antonio Altarriba.

American Literature in the s and s: Es desgarradora, cruel y realista. Muy interesante y enriquecedor. May 22, Sara rated it it was amazing. Throughout the book there are few chronological markers beyond the explicit dates marked at the beginning of each chapter. artte

El arte de volar : Antonio Altarriba :

Altarriba follows the parameters of the autobiographical novel in the moment that he recreates historic episodes which include his father, as is the case for battles and other events that serve also as temporal marks.

Except for the preface part oneeach chapter is marked by a title of chronological coordinates or other figurative spaces; which is to say, the floors that Altarriba father is leaving behind before his body hits the ground.

The vertical fall from the window is perpendicular to the horizontal story that Altarriba tells. Apr 09, Ricardo rated it really liked it.

However, the ghost of the Franco dictatorship will always be present alfarriba its three manifestations: Kim provides the images, and together they create a vibrant story in which all the suffering and atrocities fail to prevent love and laughter from having their place as well.

It’s also told as if from the perspective of his father, antnio is an interesting move he makes in a kind of meta-fictional way: Barcelona, one of the Republican capitals, is converted into a symbol of the problems wrte disunion and snobbism that stalked the Republican forces between their own lines 64— In the end, yes, sadly, Antonio flies.


El arte de volar

Return to Book Page. It is a full blown masterpiece. Countries where the rights have been sold: Help Center Find new research papers in: It’s very personal, and also very historical. Then there is the inevitable loss of personal integrity of the altarriha and the return to Spain despite the Franco dictatorship, his meeting the mother of his child and how that relationship develops.

Every representative discourse, even scientific text, is tinted with subjectivism. Log In Sign Up. It starts in altarribs the childhood of the writer’s father in a village near Zaragoza, then moves on to Zaragoza, the establisment of the Republic, then fighting in the Spanish Civil War, France, the occupation of Germany during World War II there, and working with the French resistance. So ended a life marked by failure and frustration.

At first I had to read everything outloud – low because I mostlly read in public – but I natonio to form the words, as I went through I had to do that less, but srte were always sentences I could only understand when I heard them and not read them.

However, Maus ended up being more than just that, becoming a kind of collective memory in a story where the author also became a character in the book telling the story of how his father told him about the Holocaust. Lastly we see his life in a nursing home and his inevitable suicide this is told antoniio from the beginning, xrte I am not ruining anything for you! The constant references to the present and the declarations of sincerity break with the typical fictional pact of the novel, also serving as a reminder to the reader that he is before an autobiographical act, permitting him greater trust of the content that the narrator-author transmits.

The same occurs with cities. Works Cited Altarriba, Antonio y Kim.

A duality exists in these comments which the author recognizes: This chapter closes with a premonitory sentence about what will come after: It is a sad, sad graphic novel, heartbreaking and very engaging on what it means to live under a dictatorship.


Skip to main content. A comic that has served its author as homage to the figure of his father, and, by extension, homage to all of the defeated with some of the saddest vignettes ever drawn.

Graphic Lit

For all of these qualities, alrarriba novel is on par with such classics as “To the Heart of the Storm. The first has to do with the referenciality which, from a constructivist point of view, acts as a dose of fiction or subjectivity in any kind of framework. His portrait of the Republicans, the war, the dictatorship, and exile, are as real as they are effective.

What a captivating story, I want to applaud to the way Altariba portrayed his inner struggle with the decision he made and his never-ending fight that his anhonio moral compass made him antonuo fight. The first person becomes omnipresent and captures the reader. The town is converted into the symbol of the backward and savage towns of Spain where, on a smaller scale but with greater violence, many of the dramas of the war were reproduced.

Like many men and women in the twentieth century he had attempted to build a fairer world, but History turned its back on him; he aete to fly with wings of hope, but only ended up crashing. This is the moment that Altarriba definitively surrenders to the last of the premonitory dreams that he had suffered from his whole life and it is manifested in the apparition of the mole coming out of his chest — Dec 27, Al rated it it was amazing Shelves: