26 May I personally think GARP Readings and PERSONAL TRADING AND INVESTMENT experience is the fastest and most accurate way to learn things. Also, apart. AnalystPrep provides you with a comprehensive FRM part 1 and part 2 question bank that is tailored to the FRM exam, designed to teach you all the essentials. Bionic Turtle’s FRM course materials offer study notes that summarize those GARP readings, and focus on the specific learning objectives that are provided by.

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That being said, it really depends on your background as well as the time you have to prepare. Some of the msterial are hundreds of pages long, and they contain a great deal of content that can be difficult to retain.

I used Schweser as my primary prep material and skimmed through the past exam questions in the hand book. Right on exam day I felt badly underprepared. If you are having trouble answering the practice questions despite having read the notes, watched the videos, and given the PQs a serious effort, you may want to supplement with the GARP studu as your background might require some more details on topics. If you do have more time would recommend a revision of schweser!!

Our daily practice questions are posted in the Bionic Turtle forumwhich has over 30, members who discuss the FRM concepts in-depth and help to answer any questions that are posted.

GARP | Pearson Learning Solutions

Then I religiously took a lot of QBank and at one point I came to realize that QBank is more of refresher quiz and so I started doing practice exams – I spent the last 3 weeks taking only exams bt qns, schwe qbank, mock exams and FRM exams.


Answering some of the FRM exam questions need in-depth knowledge on concepts hence using Schweser material is not a good idea.

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Skip to main content. Which was the most helpful to me between Bionic Turtle and Schweser?

No thanks, I don’t want mwterial increase my probability of passing. The discussions surface common stumbling blocks and difficult concepts tend to get explored from multiple angles. SchweserSchweser and Schweser for me as well. I felt like the BT videos took their time and really covered the concepts well.

do i need to buy the frm books from garp?

That got me over the hill. Hi Hendo, This has been asked in the forum. I thought I was marginal but now I think I did better than many passed candidiates. These practice questions have been very stusy to the subscribers of our FRM prep course, as they explain the FRM concepts in detail.

They are all conveniently organized, and fully discussed in the forum! I think I spent at most 50 hours studying. I used Schweser for studying but used Bionic Turtle for practice questions. I’d recommend that you read the following links: BT devoted far more time to videos than Schweser there are literally dozens of hours of videos that you an download that cover all areas of the curriculum.

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do i need to buy the frm books from garp? | Bionic Turtle

Thus, if you watch the BT videos, read the notes, and then do the practice questions and are able to answer them you’re in a good position. The hand book is huge its hard to go through the entire material but I felt some of the FRM questions are entirely based on the FRM hand book examples that were used for explaining the concepts. Alchemist Jan 6th, 5: Schweser reading texts are great but the practice questions are not any where near the difficulty of the real exams but Bionic questions are about par with the difficulty of the real exams this observation is common among a dtudy number of FRM candidates.


I hope this helps! I must say the FRM exam was a difficult exam- very tricky questions plus very overwhelming coverage.

The CFA exam will omit major parts of its ciricculum because there is so much material to study. I am biased in favor of BT and my answer will reflect this: I found the studying and exam questions on the FRM to be pretty straightforward, with the exception of a scant few questions on the exam. The CFA Institute curriculum makes for very interesting reading.

The Benefits of Using an FRM Course

Also, I found the Basel II readings in Schweser left out a lot after I went through the original document over the holidays. BT is such a bargain!!!!

It feels way more complete and comprehensive then the Schweser books. Klarsolo Jan 6th, You must log in or register to reply here. Will start my CFA soon and will definitely use Schweser again. Many of our customers say that the follow-up thread discussions to the Practice Questions were the key to passing their exam. This means that our subscribers do not have to read through the materlal GARP reading to obtain the information that will be tested on the exam.

Bionic Turtle is the undisputed leader in practice questions for FRM.