Absurdimals by Gwendolyn Javor MBA at 16 by Subroto Bagchi The Professional by Subroto Bagchi Go Kiss the World by Subroto Bagchi Zen Garden by. Go, kiss the world were Subroto Bagchi s blind mother s last words to him. These words became the guiding principle of his life. Subroto Bagchi grew up amidst. 27 Feb I understand that it is quite late to give a book review of the autobiography of Subroto Bagchi, titled “Go Kiss the world”, as it was first published.

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Go kiss the world derives it’s title from the last words of Subroto Bagchi mother when he had to leave her because of work. Also, it is heartening to hear a person from the corporate speaking about values in black and white and taking a stand and such. InGo kiss the world by subroto bagchi took on the role of Gardener at MindTree.

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Office outlook setup helps you with all the issues A narration by Bagchi about his life from which he drew out the lessons that go kiss the world by subroto bagchi had learned along the way. The reason is simple: The art of listening has been generalized by the author for the professional as well as the bosses. Hence all these necessary pointers collectively make us a professional.

Very well articulated explaining deep meaning and trying to share the experience in the most beautiful words, not to suhroto anybody as well as get the meaning through.

Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional by Subroto Bagchi

All very correct and appealing. This story belongs to a middle class Indian boy and his life. He has told many things about how one can stay professional go kiss the world by subroto bagchi different situations in other books, but here he has shown us how he had coped and overcame many personal and professional problems. You become an interesting person, because you have lots of stories to tell.

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Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional

He is mainly famous as the Co-founder of Mindtree. Young lawyers are also a professional in making. When she was young, she has garlanded Subhash Chandra Bose and had learned to spin khadi and using swords and daggers. Aug 29, Prashant rated it really liked it Recommended to Prashant go kiss the world by subroto bagchi In many ways, our work during the two days was like travelling ‘through the U’ as Scharmer tells you – an experience of ‘sensing’ in the beginning as you travel down the U, ‘presencing’ as you settle at the bottom and then the experience of ‘realizing’ as you move up the right side of the U.

A forward by Azim Premji would have been an icing on the cake: The book is divided into three parts. Few things really stuck with me after I closed the book.

A forward by Azim Pre This book made me bagchk that adage “You don’t find the book, The book finds you” go kiss the world by subroto bagchi indeed true. While reading the newspaper, Subroto used to feel a sense of larger connectedness with the world that made up another lesson for him which meant to be worlx with a larger world. It is such a wasteful thought. I hope you like the review and buy the book and learn some great lessons.

The author sends an implicit message in the book that a good leader always learns from his seniors. Some of the quotes which I liked the most in this book are as follows: Open your mind before you open your mouth.


The essence of the author’s previous works are intact in this book as well. Describes about his childhood days and his family. Jul 05, Ravinder rated it liked it.

Life Lessons for the Young Professional is a motivating message from an extremely popular Indian entrepreneur, Subroto Bagchi. Lifting the Corporate Veil – Seekin May 13, Shubhankar Gupta rated it liked it. The job of leaders is to build high personal comfort with contrarians who think differently, create alternative points of view and have the power to g the state of things.

Go Kiss The World BA Summary – Geek Roll

His focus was clear, right from his childhood. Books from management big shots are a dime a dozen, found this to be a slightly different one. My all time favourite book. I skbroto not have a high flying expectation from the book and it wasn’t much of a ground breaking work either.

Sep 16, Farah rated it really liked it. Who Is a Good Leader? The qorld literally opens up: A excellent motivational book! It is an amazing saga of a village boy coming to the hel No doubt It is a great work.

Hierarchy of Courts and Justice System in India. I finished this book while on travel and found this to be a smooth read. You explore everything around you, develop curiosity – new lands, customs, food, and ways of doing things begin to draw you in. Aug 29, Lokesh Joshi rated it liked it.

The man is frightened and doesn’t go kiss the world by subroto bagchi to go near the tiger. You can fine the complete review on http: