3 Nov IBPS Clerk Numerical Ability: Practice Questions and Answers based on RATIOS and AVERAGES. 13 Apr Read this blog for IBPS Clerk Numerical Ability Preparation Tips. We’ll be happy to answer any questions or clear any doubts that you. 24 Aug Quantitative Aptitude Questions with answers and explanation for Bank Exam SBI IBPS PO Clerk, SSC, Railway, IAS & and Entrance Test.

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Questions from this topic are usually the easiest in the section and hence, it is imperative that you practice these questions very properly since this topic can easily fetch you marks in the exam.

Since Quantitative Aptitude section is usually calculative, try to attempt maximum questions in 20 minutes. The best part of this topic is “you do not have to solve to complete question”.

Please note that either B or C can be considered as the variable and the other can ubps derived from one. Grasp the basic concepts. On the left side of the number line, we have average score of boys since we know that value is less. What is the average score of boys? Now it is wiht to note the OR in the men or women or boys.

Then move on to Average and Difficult questions. Read times Last modified on Friday, 03 November This topic along with Permutation and Combination can be the terror factor for many students.

How to Prepare for IBPS Clerk Numerical Ability

While you might have your own strategy, here is a sample of what it could look like: You will always observe that in these type of questions, the average denomination will always be equal to one of the denominations present in the question. Now this approach is simple but lengthy and time consuming in terms of calculations. Therefore, answer is Rs.


Your calculation speed will play a crucial role in determining your numerical ability score in this exam. Remember, these questions are usually based on basic arithmetic operations or their combination. You should be familiar with the following concepts in mathematics: The exam is a computerized, objective multiple choice question MCQ type of exam that is divided into three sections: In this triangle, the height is the height of the tower and the base is the length of the shadow.

Some of these are shown below along with some quick tips on how to master them:. Two of them aability rupees more than the average sum spent by each while another person withh rupees more than the average amount spent by each person in the group.

IBPS Clerk Quantitative Aptitude Online Test Practice Questions and Answers

Please note since the options of this question are far apart from each other, there is not even any need to perform the actual calculation of X1.

Though confusing topic, understanding basic concepts will fetch you some marks. Have a thorough practice of factorization based quadratic questions for the exam.

Hence, there is need of only one variable! If the number of Rs. Let us use Alligation for the same. Now, let us have a look at the important tips and tricks that will help you score better marks in this section of IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam. Input – Output Based Questions. To attempt questions from this topic accurately, it is important that you recognize the pattern of the series and this comes with regular practice. Revise the formulas used in different topics properly and make sure that you attempt questions based on their application.

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection IBPS is an organization that conducts tests and drives for recruitment into banks as bank clerks and officers.

Tips & Tricks to solve Numerical Ability Questions in IBPS Clerk 2018

How to solve Number Series Data Ubps Last year, a tabular DI was asked in almost all the slots and the questions were not very calculative. Using analytics, you will understand where you are spending time. This donation will ansaers equivalent to the net decrease in the average weight that is grams.


Last year, a tabular DI was asked in almost all the slots and the questions were not very calculative. If you are unable to solve any particular question in seconds, it would be better to skip it initially, rather than waste more time on it. However, each question is based on an underlying concept which is repeated on a yearly basis. Hence, there is another approach developed which simplifies things. Eighty women worked on it the first day.

Data Sufficiency Study Notes. For the same, you can visit our modules which cover these topics and the basics in detail. You need to have a very clear time division for this section.

Miscellaneous Arithmetic Questions including. How much money did B get? Concluding, we would just like to add that no matter how much you mug up the short tricks or formulas of different topics unless you practice questions answere on them thoroughly, they will be of no use in e the am. We have shared the topics asked under this segment above. The ratio of Boys to Girls is 5: Ratios and Averages Questions on direct and inverse proportions: You can expect the below-mentioned topics to be rotated in different shifts of this exam.