24 Nov An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to co-operative societies in the State of Maharashtra. WHEREAS, with a view to providing for. (1) This Act may be called the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, . 14 [(16) “housing society”means a society, the object of which is to provide its. (1) This Act may be called the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, . [(16) “housing society” means a society, the object of which is to provide its.

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maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 Mortgaged or encumbered property of Tribal and to be sold to nonTribal maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 public auction under section Procedure for admission of joint members and minor and persons of unsound mind inheriting the share or interest of deceased member.

Provided further that, nothing in this sub-section mharashtra in section 22 shall prevent a minor or a person of unsound mind from acquiring by inheritance or otherwise, any share or interest of a deceased member in a society. Matters in respect of which Registrar may direct society to make byelaws or society may make byelaws. Application of section to offences under this Chapter subject to certain modifications.

All powers of the Registrar under the Act and the said rules not being powers under —. Additional conditions for raising funds by societies. District Registrars of Co-operative Societies in Districts. Funds not to be divided.

All powers of the of the Registrar in respect of the Co-operative Sugar Factories situated within the region, not being the powers under, —. Mode of recovery by Collector.


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Societies with area of operation extending over Greater Bombay, the Registered office of which is located in his jurisdiction excluding societies specified under section 73 G and notified under section 190 of the Act, Premises and Housing Societies having membership of more than 50 or land admeasuring more than 5, sq metrs.

Regulation of loan making policy. Parties to the petition. Allowances to nonofficial members of the Regulatory Board. Additional Registrars and Joint Registrars at Head quarters. Death of candidate before poll. Classification and subclassification of societies. Filing of Annual Mandatory Returns with the Registrar.

Disputes relating to elections to be submitted to the Commissioner or other specified officer. Application of this Chapter and definitions.

Divisional Joint Registrars, Maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 Societies. Members of committees not entitled to travelling allowance, daily allowance, etc. In specified societies members not having maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 number of transactions of certain monetory limits not entitled to be designated coooperative.

Composition of the Regulatory Board. Short title, extent and application. Provided also that, a member classified as non-active member shall, on fulfillment of the eligibility criteria as provided in this housibg be entitled to be re-classified as an active member: Power to enforce, attendance maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960.

Power of Registrar to cooperativs damages against delinquent promoters, etc. Private transfer of Property made after issue of certificate void against society. Provided that, a member who does not attend at least one meeting of the general body as above and does not housinb minimum level of services at least once in a period of five consecutive years, as specified in the by-laws of such society shall be classified as non-active member: Divisional Joint Registrar and Additional Registrar.


Constitution of Stabilization and Liquidity Support Fund.

Maharashtra Co-Operative Societies Act,

Provisional list of voters. All powers of the Registrar under the Societies Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, and the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Rules, hereinafter referred to as sofiety rules’ not being powers under:. Powers of State Government to postpone election. Provided that, where the number of members of the society maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 so large and it is not possible to ascertain the correct addresses of all such members from the records in the office of the Registrar and, in the opinion of the Registrar it is not practicable to serve a notice of hearing on each such individual member, a public notice of the proceedings of the de-registration shall be given in the prescribed manner and such notice shall be deemed to be notice to all the members of the society including hojsing Chief Promoter and the members of the Committee of the Society, maharashtra cooperative housing society act 1960 no proceeding in respect of the de-registration of the society shall be called in question in any Court merely on the ground that individual notice is not served on any such member.