This clearly explained layman’s introduction to quantum physics is an accessible excursion into metaphysics and the meaning of reality. Herbert. 28 Aug Metaphase Typewriter: First ever quantum-mechanical spirit medium; AMY Project: Can physics demonstrate that the world is mind-created?. This clearly explained layman’s introduction to quantum physics is an accessible excursion into metaphysics and the meaning of reality. Herbert exposes the.

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An amazingly clear description of the peculiar behavior of photons and electrons in slit experiments.

Quantum Reality by Nick Herbert, A Review by Bobby Matherne

If all the patterns were instantaneously connected, it would really be a strange world, because our ordinary experience is made of patterns of dots, nick herbert quantum reality these little quantum events, and so there wouldn’t be any space for us. Quantum theory doesn’t describe the world that way. Nick herbert quantum reality feeling is that these correspond to the two types of observation, two types of phenomena, going on in quantum theory — that there are these patterns, these are like computer data; and then there are the events realiyy, the irreducible events, and that’s like awareness.

This book is about quantum “reality” not just quantum theory. A local connection is an ordinary connection that obeys the speed of light, and a non-local connection is like voodoo — that when you do something here, instantly it affects someone over here.

Paperbackpages. We burst out laughing, of course, at this message, and that seemed to nick herbert quantum reality the only conscious thing to come across on the metaphase typewriter that day. And since I believe that quantum mechanics is at the basis of our consciousnessthat somehow the reason we are conscious is not because we are really good computers — because actually we’re not very good computers at all; our consciousness pretty much impedes in some senses our computational facilities.


In its review of Quantum RealityThe New York Times praised Herbert’s efforts at making the subject matter comprehensible to nick herbert quantum reality lay audience. Good articles Pages to import images to Wikidata.

Open Preview See a Problem? May 14, Abner Rosenweig rated it really liked it. It reminds me in your book you conclude with a little blues song.

Consciousness and Quantum Reality: Nick Herbert

In order to set the stage properly, the author spends a great deal of time in carefully elaborating upon the composition and behavior of waves—whether sine nick herbert quantum reality, impulsenick herbert quantum reality —their periodicity and phase, their frequency and amplitude, at how the latter affects their inherent energy at the material real level or probability at the quantum configuration level. Well, quantum physics started out in the twenties to explain the interaction of light with atoms.

In the brain stem, a very primitive part of the brain. I’m so much fun at parties! Particles aren’t even particles anymore. Slower than Morse code. It would be a direct proof of the existence of discarnates, in addition to being your channel to discarnates.

Nick Herbert, is the author of a book called Quantum Reality. This now has a certain kind of verification in Bell’s theorem. Theoretical physics is so fascinating and only because Nick Herbert makes nick herbert quantum reality so easy to understand. Nick herbert quantum reality are not important in getting the results of quantum dynamics, the maths of quantum physics works independently of qantum interpretation we may choose to believe.

The data rate herbeet with television, for instance, is six million bits a second.

I wonder if you would come back to that point and elaborate on it. View all 9 comments. In this sense, Herbert’s focus on Bell’s work as a linchpin is apropos, although he could have made his point more forcefully if he had used clearer language and organized his text in a less sprawling manner.


I realize the book is old and physics is a quick moving fare, however, I feel understanding what they knew 20 years ago is a solid foundation to understanding the current affairs. And we nick herbert quantum reality Matthew Manning one afternoon, at Xerox, actually, to come in. So the most fundamental theory of all of science is that the basis of reality is fuzzy. Your outside is the physicalness of you, and the inside nick herbert quantum reality your consciousness.

So far so good. You’re dealing with the very smallest particles of matter that exist. We used to call this genre “physics for poets.

Nick Herbert (physicist)

Using as an example the peculiar quantum properties of photon polarization, Herbert herbfrt a mathematical logic that endeavors to penetrate the nick herbert quantum reality mysteries that have so far repulsed us, weaving lattices of quantum logic that will allow us partial egress after qkantum these probability-permeated barriers.

Bell’s theorem seems like the crack in the cosmic egg, in a way; it’s the one part of quantum physics that’s almost turned everything upside down. Hakim Bey and Ontological Anarchy. And here was an anniversary of Houdini’s death.

Quantum Reality

That’s quite a word. But what happened, the very first line of data was what herbfrt most interesting, nick herbert quantum reality the typewriter wouldn’t work. But how much of that do you see, right this instant? It is a book of pure science and there is no quantum mysticism involved here. OK, but what you’re saying, if I understand you nick herbert quantum reality, then, is that the brain is receiving a lot of information, but consciousness is filtering it out somehow.