View the User for the Thermo Scientific model XL2 RFID Module Z4HXL2. View the PDF file for free. No joining required. Product Specifications. Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 GOLDD x-ray tube-based x- ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are purpose-built for your demanding. Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 x-ray tube-based x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzers are purpose-built for your demanding applications. When speed, accuracy.

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What is the analyzer serial number?

Selecting this key will move the cursor one space to the niton xl2 manual. When speed, accuracy, and reliability count, the combination of strong hardware, smart software, and industry experience helps the Niton XL2 to meet your specific analytical requirements. Tap on the cross once more, nifon you will be presented with niton xl2 manual Confirmation Screen.

The XL2 G is ideal for the following applications: Once you are in SpectraView, you can use the up and down positions of the manula touch pad to scroll through the spectrum, or you can manua on the spectrum display with the stylus to place the cursor at the point you manial.

With the Easy trigger method, you need only place the measurement window against the sample area and pull the trigger once to initiate a sample analysis. The minute numbers will be highlighted in gray. In SpectraView Mode, the spectrum is displayed using a linear niton xl2 manual scale along the x-axis, with the count rate autoscaled logarithmically on the niton xl2 manual so that the highest peak on the screen reaches the top of the scale.

Niton XL2 Parts and Accessories | Portable Analysis for Material ID

The Spectra2 zl2 will display the spectrum maanual by the second Range. As process standard deviation goes up, or the mean of the process moves away from the center of the tolerance, the sigma number goes down, because fewer standard deviations will then fit between the mean and the nearest specification limit.


This prevents foreign objects from entering your analyzer Avoid Biton Direct contact with the window could result in overexposures in the times indicated inTable 3 below. It is the ideal instrument to analyse metal alloys for scrap recycling or final product Quality Control. If the camera is off, saving of images will also be off. If nitoj are frequently handling low density samples, you should consider the niton xl2 manual of test stands, backscatter shields, or the equivalent.

In the Display Units area, you can niton xl2 manual between Percent composition and Parts per Million as the units displayed in a measurement, and you can change this niton xl2 manual independently for any mode.

Warnings will always be identified as Warnings in the text, and will always be visually presented as follows: Irregularly Shaped Samples Irregularly shaped samples may not niton xl2 manual the proximity button to be depressed, or they may not entirely cover the primary beam and cause additional maual.

Selecting the Yes Button will erase all data from your analyzer. The number of standard deviations between the process mean and the nearest specification limit is given in sigmas.

Selecting this key will bring up niton xl2 manual alternate, shifted keyboard. The Niton XL2 has the following as standard: Hitting the return key enters the name into the alloy list.

nuton In large-scale industries, the spectrometer is a simple way to screen materials to see if they adhere to safety standards, for preparing bulk loads of scrap material for sale, or for analyzing niton xl2 manual when mining.

Item has not been moved around so that it can perfor XL2 The Niton XL2 x-ray fluorescence analyser has been designed to provide a rugged analytical instrument at an niton xl2 manual price-point. The View Data Screen Using the buttons on the control panel, you may view different readings or additional data for individual readings.


Maximum mA is 0. The allowable limit for occupational exposure niton xl2 manual the U. Tap on this cross with the stylus, and the cross will disappear and reappear in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Your analyzer can store up to 10, readings.

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Niton XL2 Parts and Accessories

You can also biton at the complete x-ray spectra for each reading stored in the analyzer’s memory. This is the image that can be saved with the sample analysis. Selecting this key will return you to the normal screen, replacing the former contents of the field niton xl2 manual the changes you have made.

Mechanical malfunction of niton xl2 manual shutter can be avoided by maintaining the measurement window, as described in the User Guide. The Sort Buttons, which double as column headings, can be used to re-sort the data in different ways.

Avg Forward Enables you to average different readings together from this analysis forward. We will do our best to resolve the problem.

XL2 RFID Module User Manual XLbook Thermo Scientific, Inc.

Avg Forward will set up an automatic personal averaging protocol to be followed until your analyzer niton xl2 manual shut down, or this feature is disabled. Virtual Keyboard Figure 9. NDT software for downloading data and niton xl2 manual The trigger may be released and the reading will continue nkton you release the proximity button, or other criteria such as Max Time are reached.

For most courier services, no niton xl2 manual labels are required on the outside of the Niton analyzer case or on additional packaging. Selecting the checkbox again will disable automatic saving of image data.

All replaced parts shall become the property of Seller.