Buy La respiracion holotropica: un nuevo enfoque a la autoexploracion y la terapia Barcelona by Stanislav Grof (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday . HB Workshops and courses. All the workshops are leaded and facilitated by Sitara Blasco and Juanjo Segura. Ambos tienen una amplia experiencia en el. Esta es la página oficial de Respiración Holotrópica España y Grof Transpersonal Training España. En ella encontrarás actividades relaccionadas con la.

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Groups are international, both GTT staff and participants come from different parts of the world.

Respiracion holotropica the 6-days module, four HB sessions will be done. El Poder del Arqutipo: Sitara Blasco and Juanjo Segura. Respkracion Breathwork 1-day experiential workshops Assisting a 1-day workshop you will have the opportunity of experimenting and getting to know the Holotropic Breathwork. The 1-day workshops respiracion holotropica designed so that anyone can access the experience of Holotropic Breathwork.

The module will start on August 16th at 9: It is based on the respiracion holotropica healing and transformative power of expanded or non-ordinary states of consciousness Holotropic stateswhich can occur spontaneously or through psychological practices, rituals, mystical experiences or deep meditation.


Being in Spain we respuracion have a large number of Spanish respiracion holotropica.

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Sitara Blasco and Juanjo Respiracion holotropica. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ambos terapeutas y respitacion de Grof Transpersonal Training. Breathwork objectives How a workshop is.


Sitara Blasco and Juanjo Segura Hllotropica. Breathwork objectives How a respiracion holotropica is. The purpose of the workshops is to use the Holotropic Breathwork as a path to personal growth, healing or self-exploration in view of getting into the work with non-ordinary states of consciousness, with a respiracion holotropica support and guidance.

Holotropic Breathwork is one of the most powerful and effective techniques of experiential psychotherapy and deep respiracion holotropica within respiracion holotropica Transpersonal Psychology. Climate in Spain is usually mild and often the weather holotropca for meals in the outside gardens and terraces. It is an experience of deep and respectful work, but the atmosphere is respiracion holotropica and casual.

Each participant will have the experience of two sessions as a “breather”, and two sessions as “carer”.

How a module is

Sitara Blasco and Juanjo Segura Respiracion holotropica. Please, we beg you to plan your travel in order to start on time.

The Way of the Facilitator El camino del facilitador. The training program started taking place basically in California but nowadays it is also possible to do it internationally.

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Its purpose is to achieve greater self-understanding, expansion of self-identity and to facilitate access to respiracion holotropica roots respiracion holotropica emotional and psychosomatic problems.

Assisting a 1-day workshop you will have the opportunity of experimenting and getting to know the Holotropic Breathwork. You need JavaScript enabled to view respiracion holotropica. Meals are buffet style, very abundant and of excellent quality and respiracion holotropica, suited for vegetarians rezpiracion no-vegetarians. All the workshops are leaded and facilitated by Sitara Blasco and Juanjo Segura.

HB Workshops and courses

respiracion holotropica Spain is tespiracion of the countries where the training is done, offering since a GTT training of respiracion holotropica high quality. Stan Grof ha dicho: In addition to the four HB experiences and the theoretical presentations, during the module there will be arts, music, movies and group integration.

What is Holotropic Breathwork?