18 Jan This Webcast will teach you how to use SimulationXpress the easy-to-use first pass stress analysis tool included in every license of. 28 Aug SimulationXpress helps users test SOLIDWORKS parts for real-life load We found a great tutorial generated by Solid Professor – a solution. Get a quote for SolidWorks Simulation solutions. GO HERE >> Sign up for SolidWorks Express Newsletter Read technical guides on SolidWorks Simulation.

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I’ll solidworks simulationxpress tutorial free-form comments when assessing students Use this rubric for assignment grading Hide score total for assessment results Cancel Create Rubric. If studies on more advanced geometry are required, further Simulation packages are available.

SimulationXpress is a wonderful start off point towards designing better simulationxprews. This face is then populated with purple arrows displaying the area and direction of the load being solidworks simulationxpress tutorial.

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Although the tool is included within the install, it still needs to be activated. Turorial note that all simulation results are approximate and need to be verified by real life results.

While this methodology has proven effective, it is time consuming and expensive. Latest posts by Innova Systems see all. The first time it is loaded, the following screen appears: Hide score total for assessment results.


Proof your work carefully before solidworks simulationxpress tutorial. The tutorial also has exercises to test your skills and make sure you have a solidworks simulationxpress tutorial grasp of concepts. Traditionally, prototypes are tested for real-life scenarios ensuring design compliance. Fixtures The first step to running your analysis is to select where on your model you would like to fix the geometry.

The tutorial walks through capabilities and functionality of SimulationXpress. We found a great tutorial generated solidworks simulationxpress tutorial Solid Professor — a solution partner to SolidWorks.

This area will be used by the assessor to leave comments tutoriql to this criterion. Note that running a study within SimulationXpress allows for linear static analysis only.

Once you have chosen this you are now ready to run the study! Simulation Deformed Result December 13, The first step to running your analysis is to select where solidworks simulationxpress tutorial your model you would like to fix the geometry. Results generated solidworks simulationxpress tutorial be used to optimize for weight or desired factor of safety.

Lesson SolidWorks SimulationXpress

Use the split tool command in order to specify the exact area the load is being applied to. This then needs to be inserted into the window below the link on the activation window as seen in image solidworks simulationxpress tutorial.

When you are finished, soludworks your work in the appropriate place on the network. At least one selection must be made.

The wizard helps walk the user through setting up and running the study step by step, so even if you are unfamiliar with the solidworks simulationxpress tutorial of running a FEA study, the fundamentals solidworks simulationxpress tutorial explained thoroughly. By choosing to continue, you are then able to view the stress, displacement and factor of safety of the studied geometry as seen below.


However, there are limitations to SimulationXpress. Results Once the study has been solved, the displacement of the geometry is automatically animated. This is a great tool in terms of calculating the solidworks simulationxpress tutorial impacts on a design and in general solidworks simulationxpress tutorial the performance of your model, eliminating the need for so many solidworks simulationxpress tutorial etc.

Edit rating Delete rating. This scale can be seen and edited within the top left of the graphics window. Before you run the study you have the ability to change the mesh settings. Please reference the appropriate lesson for this assignment. Loads The next step is to apply a force or pressure to a particular area on the model. You are then able to begin your study!

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Description of criterion. What do your designs rely on? Open the Solidworks document provided below.

As seen in Image 4, one face has been selected. The first time it is loaded, the following screen appears:. Follow the written and picture solidworks simulationxpress tutorial to complete the assignment. So non-linear plastic deformation is not taken into account.