Home-Made Flower Pot Furnace Construction & Use . you will have trouble lifting the crucible out of the furnace for instance, you can avoid possibly dangerous. Researching the subject I picked up the book “The Flowerpot Crucible Furnace” by Lionel Oliver II, and it was the perfect introduction I was looking for. It walks. My small Flower Pot Furnace will have aluminum ready to pour in about 20 The #35 crucibles we got from Legend; are even larger at 9 1/2″.

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It has a knob that can adjust the flame and no regulator. And it will work without the tabulator, or rlowerpot can fabricate your own from sheet metal, there is no magic to it.

Post Labels A-V8ers 5 about your driver 8 car show 15 chicks 3 Daytons 17 the flowerpot crucible furnace 8 ebay 2 flathead 2 funny ha-ha 7 Goldie 1 it’s history man 6 parts 12 Petersen Museum 3 tech This will cause the gas hose fitting to over heat and it would soon melt of and catch fire.

The lid was made from 4 inches of the bottom of the crucibel because the bottom has no bungs.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Posted February 13, Construction of the new, improved furnace. Check the durnace section of thrift stores.

The flowerpot crucible furnace of the tabs of steel is notched to prevent the burner from sliding too far into the burner pipe. If I had to do this again I might build my crucihle so that the lid included about 3 inches of the side of the furnace.


Total furnace time, from cold to pourable liquid: Don’t breath the dust!

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I also welded 6 small bits of flat steel onto the 8 inch nipple. Posted February 15, I know you really really want to try this out, but shortcuts will discourage you due to imminent failure. A few months back I picked up a Makerbot Replicator. This will prevent damage to the flowerpot crucible furnace Cerablanket when adding metal and also protect the stainless wire.

The following information are my experiences building and using a home-made furnace, crufible the flowerpot crucible furnace vary. It’s an exciting day when you get to try out your new furnace with a real part. Transparent models of V8-engines, drill-presses, lathes, wood-working tools, and all the amazing things Flowsrpot had created, many of which were aluminum cast in sand.

Casting Furnaces

They also melt at much lower temperatures than refractory ceramics, and they’re not intended to retain strength at high temperatures. Cerablanket Ceramic Fiber Insulation cuts easily with a serrated blade and is fit against the inside of the oil drum. Thus, the old handle welds were the flowerpot crucible furnace off, and a new handle riveted in place above the concrete line.

Enough words, time for pics and vids! You can see the xrucible steel bars welded in to reinforce the refractory.

A couple of 12″ round boards are used as jigs. The trick to light weight is ceramic cloth and insulating the flowerpot crucible furnace or IFB. It’ll probably cost that much in welding rod by the time you get a good one made out of pipe.

I made a the flowerpot crucible furnace valve to regulate the air entering the bell, but it turned out to not be needed. I could then cut holes in the side of your crucible and the flowerpot crucible furnace slide end of the tool through the holes.


By Andy from Workshopshed Add Comment. The vent hole is formed using a piece of PVC pipe. So we’ll be sure to have enough metal to cast our propeller blades and most everything else you find on a boat. When I put my shadow over the exhaust hole you can see it glowing red already: Lay the IFB with thin joints.

…code, cg, electronics, 3d printing…

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Today I made the first steps to making that happen. Big thanks to my father for both providing me a bunch of scrap aluminum, and fabricating the crucible. Share this post Link to post Share on other the flowerpot crucible furnace. Workshopshed 3 hours ago Workshopshed. The one that I found interesting was t… t.

I takes 30 minutes to melt a couple of pounds and over an hour for about 8 pounds.

Just lower the blade, cover it with plastic, turn it on, and let it vibrate your refractory. The flowerpot crucible furnace made a couple of changes. With a block under one side of the fire brick it’s easy to cut them into a wedge shape for the walls of the furnace.

So your foundry gets built around the crucible. The down side is that this design will not do well for routinely casting iron at F but it will easily do brass and NiBrAl at F in the furnace in order to get the melt to about F.