An interpretative translation by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak of Sirr al-Asrar by Hadrat Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (AD), considered by many to be one of the. The Secret of Secrets by Sheihk Abdul Kadir Jilani – Download as Word Doc . doc He is Sayyid Shaikh Muhyi ‘d-Din ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah sanctify . 31 Dec The Paperback of the Secret of Secrets by Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, Hadrat Abdul- Qadir Al-Jilani, Hadrat’Abd A. Al-Jilani | at Barnes & Noble.

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That is only possible through preserving and following the precepts of religion.

At that moment nothing can come between us, neither the angel closest to Him nor a prophet. Are You trying to chase them away from me? Beliau adalah sosok seperti juga para sufi dan rumi, yang diijinkan Allah SWT untuk mengetahui banyak rahasia penciptaan di bumi, alam semesta, dan kehidupan yang bahkan tertutup tabir.

It was clothed with coarse matter in order to save this world, because the material world, if it had direct contact with the holy spirit, would burn to ashes. So We gave him the gifts of hearing and sight. She was angry at the shaykh and asked to see him. Rely on Allah and on none other. He and his congregation number among the five thousand Christians who became Muslim by the hands of Hadrat c Abdul-Qadir. Viey taste not therein death, except the first death.

Not a word of it remained in my memory.

There was no way out of the mosque. Then he invested me with the cloak of the dervish. It is the inner knowledge of what is jikani that leads one to that secret.

His companions came to him in terror and distress and begged him to come away, to repent, to pray.

This book, appearing in English for the first time, contains abvul very essence of Sufism, giving a Sufi explanation of how the outward practises of An interpretative translation by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak of Sirr al-Asrar by Hadrat Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani ADconsidered by many to be one of the greatest saints of Islam and the eponymous founder of the Qadiriyya order.

Allah Most High describes this eternal life: And He has created a seed in the realm of the souls c dlam al-anfus: And Allah th the doers of good [to others].


The Secret of Secrets

Sura Mu min, 15 This soul is sent from the realm of the All-powerful and is placed in the universe of the visible worlds where the attributes of the Creator are manifest in the creation, but it belongs to the realm of truth. The parable of His light is as if there were a niche and within it a lamp, the tamp enclosed in glassthe glass as it were a brilliant star secretd from a blessed treean olive serets of the East nor of the Westwhose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touches it; light upon light!

To do this one has to 46 On Remembrance be conscious, to remember — thr remember Allah, night and day, inwardly and outwardly, continuously. That soul, acting upon the obligations set by Allah, does not claim its actions as its own, for it is not separate from Allah, its actions sectet from Allah: The basic opposition of the ego to religion is in the form of imagination and illusions contrary to reality.

The venerable ‘Abdul-Qadir relates, When 1 was a small child, every day I was visited by an angel in the shape of a beautiful young man.

Truth cannot be attained only through the tangible knowledge of the senses, of the material universe. He had served him for so many years and now he was getting old. You will have a feeling of self-reproach — but this is not enough.

The Secret of Secrets by Abd al-Qadir Al-Jilani (1997, Paperback, Reprint)

If you could get rid of yourself just once, The secret of secrets Would open to you. He added that a real friend is a friend upon whom you can rely in misfortune; jilan good fortune, everyone feigns to be your friend. He supposed he could control them, doing with them whatever jilank pleased.

As in the rest of the twelve Names of the Essence, these four Names have neither sound nor letters — thus they cannot be pronounced.

Full text of “Jilani The Secret Of Secrets”

You must serve the people. Allah made bodies for the souls to enter, and for these souls, each of which has abeul different name, He built fitting spaces within the bodies.

adbul When he seeks Me and lemembers Me, I am with him. To take these steps, he follows the evident ordinances of our religion as a guide; following them, he advances. Abcul hearing this, the Devil tried his last temptation of arousing pride. These wise servants who become intimates of Allah, though beautiful, are covered by the appearance of ordinary men.


It was the month of Ramadan and the desert was hot. The common man hopes to pass from evil deeds to righteousness through re- membering Allah and exercising serious effort, leaving the desires and comfort of his flesh and forcing difficulties upon his ego. The perception of common men is the common world, and their pleasure is in tasting the material benefits qafir material existence.

One cannot obtain srcret with education; only Allah, without intermediaries, can teach it. As I decided to make my prayer, I found myself again under the shaykhs cloak. Me lifted it from me and returned up the steps of the pulpit.

True and total repentance is the first step.

The Secret of Secrets by عبد القادر الجيلاني

It was by holding his hand that he took his vows and entered the path of the Sufis. All of us were in a perfect state of peace secretd bliss, of a kind we had never experienced before. The glass is transparent and does not keep the light within, but protects it and allows it to spread, which is why it is likened to a star. To ask secregs readers questions about The Secret of Secretsplease sign up. The reason that the Sufis are called by this name is that their inner world is purified and enlightened with the light of wisdom, unity and oneness.

It was only after Hadrat c Abdul-Qadir had mastered his ego and become a perfect man, and only by the inspired command of the Holy Prophet that he became a teacher and established contact with the people.

He is the true representative of humanity. Enter now into his. Do you feel that you are qualified? She cried, but she brought out eighty pieces of gold, which was all that my father had left as inheritance. It can see the paradises of that realm, its inhabitants, its light, and all the angels within it.

That is the mystery, the secret of man.

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