17 May Find Tintin and Alph-Art (softcover) by Hergé and Rodier at Blurb Books. Presented here is the version drawn by Yves Rodier, a Canadian. Hergé • Rodier. Richard •. TINTIN. ALPH-ART and THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN. TINTIN. ALPH-ART TINTIN and ALPH-ART amon. Zız. Tintin and Alph-Art (French: Tintin et l’alph-art) was the intended twenty-fourth and final book in the The The cover of Yves Rodier’s version of the book.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The origin of the story lies in a scenario for a drawing contest in the Journal de Spirou numberyvez December 19, Destination Adventure The Adventures of Tintin: At the scene, Tintin discovers that Fourcart was tintin alph art yves rodier.

The text as a whole rodiier essentially a rough draft, and contains enough room for revision. Legal issues with fan fiction arise due to tintin alph art yves rodier prospect that a piece of fan fiction may constitute a derivative workmost prominently but not exclusively under United States and Canadian copyright law.

It explains why pe… twitter. Rodier always loved comics, but first set out to become a musician or cinematographer. There was no money involved, and nobody here would ever have heard about… twitter. There is clearly enough material for a very promising adventure, although the work is somewhat fragmented. The derivative work becomes a second, separate work, independent in form from the first. The love Arf can understand; it was a real treat gves see the old characters I love in a new, modern setting.

When he refuses, as he still cannot stand the beverage after the events of yvez previous book, Castafiore tintin alph art yves rodier into a huge bird-like creature and begins to attack Haddock. Translations, cinematic adaptations and musical arrangements are common types of derivative works.


Tintin and Haddock stay the night at the villa on Castafiore’s insistence.

Tintin and Alph-Art (softcover)

You need to login to do this. The next morning, they arrive at the villa, where Castafiore introduces them to a number of her friends — the debutante Angelina Sordi, the corrupt industrialists Mr.

The magazine only lasted for tintin alph art yves rodier issues, though the series continued. The stories of a boy and his pig. Tintin and the Picaros. The two largest fan fiction websites are FanFiction. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include these four basic questions:.

For the story Rodier didn’t win the contest as he was disqualified for using already existing characters.

In the meantime, Tintin questions Tinton on his motives, but Akass stuns him and Haddock by removing his glasses and false beard; his appearance may have altered slightly due to some Magic Plastic Surgerybut “Akass” is in fact recurring Big Bad Roberto Rastapopoulos. Get Known if you don’t have an account.

For the story Rodier didn’t win the contest as he was disqualified for using already existing characters. Tintin and Haddock return to Marlinspike, with tintin alph art yves rodier Italian government giving Rastapopoulos’s villa to Haddock as compensation for the recent events though Haddock himself isn’t overly keen on the idea of actually using it, doubtless due to tintin alph art yves rodier danger of Bianca Castafiore deciding to pay a visitand Martine asking Tintin out on a date whether or not he accepts it isn’t shown.


Rodier always loved comics, but first set out to become a musician or cinematographer. Alien Director’s Cut Star Trek: Remembering Castafiore’s telephone hintin several days earlier, he decides to go to Ischia, where Akass has a villa.

Tintin and Alph-Art (Yves Rodier) / Fan Fic – TV Tropes

Night passes, and in the morning, Tintin is awakened by Akass’s bodyguard. Rodier asked that it become an official book but Moulinsart refused. The hate I can understand too: Living Delaf Annie Groovie.

Retrieved from ” http: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! This seven-page story was entirely thought up by Rodier and is sometimes called The Sorcerers Lake.

From our continental correspondent – Alph-art finally in English

Second, he has Tintin and Haddock cornered in front of a cliff yet doesn’t even think of pushing them over to make it look like an accident and takes them back with him instead. Fourcart displays considerable interest in meeting Tintin. Destination Adventure The Adventures of Tintin: Your corpse will be displayed in a museum.

Twitter Email Print Reddit Facebook. Contents [ show ]. Tintin and Haddock are rescued by the detectives, and they all climb tintin alph art yves rodier to the bottom of the cliff. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Rodier published it in Autumn and then presented it to Moulinsart.